Having your gutters cleaned is critically important,  water damage can happen without notice and can result in costly repairs.  We hand cleans gutters and we always rinse them out using a garden hose.  During the rinse we test the flow of the gutters to make sure the downspouts and or drainage system is operating normally. 

Gutter Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Roof blow service: Using low pressure leaf blowers to remove loose debris such as pine needles, leaves, and branches etc.  and if you have moss or algae on your roof we offer the most effective treatment available called soft washing.

Soft Wash Service:  Algae, moss and mold can shorten the lifespan of any roof and detract from your homes curb appeal. A chemical treatment that kills these forms of fungus on contact is the safest way to eradicate these destructive microorganisms.

We use only an environmentally safe, biodegradable solution applied at LOW PRESSURE to insure a 100% kill ratio of algae, mold, moss, mildew and lichens. Our Soft Wash treatment is recommended by the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF, North America’s largest shingle manufacturer.

Our cleaning solution will eliminate all black/green algae stains (Gloeocapsa Magma) at the time of application. An antifungal agent remains on the roof after our treatment to limit re-growth of these organisms.

The treating of moss and lichens can be very time consuming. If not done
properly, severe damage to your shingles may result. Moss and Lichens take several years to attach and grow, therefore, forcing them to detach can cause damage to the shingles.

Removal by brushing, scraping or pressure washing is never recommended and may void manufacturers’ warranties.

Treating Moss and Lichens is a 3 part process. Since they took many years to
grow, they should not be instantly removed.

Step 1: (depending on the quantity and thickness): We may use a garden hose to
dislodge any large chucks of moss from the shingles however, we do not want to
force removal as this may cause potential damage to the roof materials.

Step 2: We treat your roof with our 100% biodegradable solution which will kill all
bacterial and fungal growth. At this point all algae, mold, moss and lichens will
turn white or light brown in color indicating that they have been killed.

Step 3: We allow nature to take its course and dislodge the remaining dead
material over time, usually 40 to 60 days, with a few good rains and wind. The
filament root structure will dry up and eventually lose their grip and be washed or
blown off the roof.

Letting nature aid in the process saves you hundreds of dollars and is safer for
the shingles.

Our premium roof care includes removing loose debris by leaf blower.
Followed by hand cleaning gutter interiors including flushing with garden
hose to test proper flow.

Check out our soft wash system in action.  Watch video below