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Van for Home Cleaning Services - Everett, WA

Mike has been with Chinook Services providing carpet and upholstery cleaning since 2004!  He has 3 kids and enjoys fishing, snowboarding and family time.  Upper photo: Mike fishing for salmon in the Puget Sound summer of 2018.  Lower photos of snowboarding Big Chief and Cowboy Ridge of Stevens Pass area

Recently upgraded carpet van in 2018 to brand new full sized "one ton van" with the most up to date, and powerful carpet cleaning equipment available.  Our carpet van is equipped with window cleaning equipment.  Several customers like having their windows and carpets done the same day by Mike.

HydraMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning - Everett, WA

Are you looking to protect your family from health risks associated with dust and mold, while protecting your investment in your home?

Commercial and residential cleaners recommend steam cleaning your carpets at a minimum of every 12 months.  Chinook Services is Western Washington’s leader in carpet cleaning. Our technicians are IICRC-certified and have the right equipment to handle any size job or damage scenario.

-We start by evaluating your carpet to determine which treatments will work best.

-Then we apply a pre-conditioner that loosens dirt, residues, and soils from the bottom of the pile and fibers.

-We use a powerful vacuum to remove the dirt, and then attack any remaining stains with a spot removal solution that contains just the right mix of safe chemicals.

-When cleaning is finished, we groom your carpets by trimming and combing the pile fibers, leaving a new appearance and resilience that you’ll love.

Our quality and prices are unmatched and we’ll quote you an accurate price right up front. If we find anything in the course of cleaning your carpet that would result in extra charges, we’ll let you know up front.

Chinook Services is family-owned and operated and we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Services Include:

-Cleaning (Low Voc Chemicals)

-Carpet Inspection

-Spot Removal

-Manufactures Warranties- Post Inspection Carpet Cleaning

-Carpet cleaning for boats, cars, RV’s, planes, and more

-Pet and smoke odor control and removal

-Carpet Protector



Equipment for Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning  - Everett, WA


With other carpet cleaning companies out there, you never know who will show up or what you are going to get.  This leaves you questioning who is coming.   Is an experienced cleaner coming to clean my carpets? Will the cleaning technician be friendly and do a good job? 

At Chinook Services this is not a concern for our customers.  We exclusively run ONE carpet cleaning van.   We have a long-term technician named Mike who has been with Chinook for nearly 10 years. He is very detailed and takes pride in doing the best carpet cleaning near Everett, WA.  

We use powerful truck mounted equipment using non-toxic cleaning solutions.  The main ingredient that we use to clean your carpets is steam.  The van produces near boiling water (steam) to the carpet surface.  Followed by industrial truck mounted vacuum to lift the soils and build-up from your carpets fast and effectively.  This process creates the cleanest carpets possible.  Most houses are cleaned in a couple of hours or less.