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What is included in the gutter cleaning service?

We offer three different packages (see table above) .  Our premium package includes gutter debris removal, gutter flush (including downspouts), and exterior gutter cleaning (gutter fronts).  Deluxe package includes debris removal and gutter flush including downspouts.  Basic package includes debris removal. 

Why do I need to clean my gutters?

A debris-clogged gutter can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Gutters are an integral piece of your home's well being. They serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape.   The small price of regular gutter cleaning is a small price to pay when compared to water damage in your basement, repairing a cracked foundation, replacing wood fascia boards, soffits or roofing, or repairing landscaping, walkways or patio decks. All of these home areas can be damaged due to clogged gutters. Regular gutter cleaning can help prevent all of this potential for damage and more.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

The price of the gutter cleaning service depends on a number of factors including: The number of stories, amount of build-up, are there gutter covers/guards in place, square footage of the home, and to accessibility clean the gutters.  Our estimating software will provide you an instant estimate based on the above factors.  To use our instant estimating system click on the blue "Give Me a Bid" button.  If you prefer a phone estimate please call our office during normal business hours or email  We are here to help!

How often should I clean my gutters cleaned?

Depending on environmental conditions and the number of trees in close proximity to the house will determine how often you should have your gutters cleaned.  Most houses require annual gutter cleaning for best preventative maintenance. Houses with trees near roof line may require 2-3 gutter cleans per year.  We can recommend how often you should have your gutters cleaned after the first clean.  

Do I have to be home for the gutter cleaning service?

You don’t have to be present for your gutter service unless there are pets that need to be put up or areas that you need to provide access to. That said, if you would prefer to be there while we clean your gutters that’s just fine with us too.  Know that unlike other companies our workers are not independent contractors. Each worker is an employee of Chinook Services and is in uniform. The crews arrive in marked service vehicles and are respectful. 

Are you insured?

We carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. 

Do you clean up the debris on the ground after you are finished?

You bet we do. The job isn’t done until the gutters work properly and we removed any and all mess we made cleaning the gutters out. 

What do you do with my gutter debris?

All gutter and roof debris are brought back to our shop.  We compost all of the debris at Pacific Top Soils (a local company).

Do you offer a warranty? 

Yes, we provide a warranty through the first rain storm after the gutter service.

What happens if a downspot is clogged and cannot be cleared?

Our technitions will attempt to run water down the downspout to clear the clog.  If the clog remians after trying to flush it out we will inform you of the issue.  Our techntion will then inspect the downspout to see if dissasembling is feasible.   If the fasteners are rusted or the technition is concerned with putting the downspout back together, we will then let you know and provide alternative solutions for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions - Gutter Cleaning