Holiday Lighting Installation 

Picture this: It’s the first of December. All the fall décor is coming down and its time to put up the Christmas lights. You have a grand idea for how you would like to light up your house. You dig out the ladder, untangle all the lights, spend hours in the cold trying to work the staple gun with your gloved hands just to have it turn out looking “alright.”

Let us be your Holiday Miracle.

Chinook Services offers seasonal holiday lighting installation so you can stand back and relax this holiday season.

Chinook charges $150.00 per hour for holiday light service. This includes two technicians and some equipment to install lights on most applications.

Because this is your vision, we require that the customer be there during installation to direct our team where to install the lights. You will need to provide all lights, extension cords, light hangers/clips and materials to complete the light hanging. Chinook technicians will supply staples and staple gun for specific areas where it’s required. It is highly recommended to use plastic type hanger/clips for the majority of your light hanging.

At the end of service, Chinook technicians will do a final walk through with you to make sure installed correctly and how you’d like it. Once it is to your satisfaction the tech will ask you to sign off on the installation. If the lights stop working after the installation sign off, Chinook can come back to service you’re lights at the standard rate of $150.00 per hour.

Here are some ways you can help make the installation go as smooth as possible:

*New lights un-packaged/untangled
*Existing lights un-packaged, untangled and tested
*Extension cords untangled and ready to go
*Determine where lights will plug into
*Determine where lights will be placed
*Determine length of lights needed to complete installation
*Provide access to the areas where the lights will be hung if needed