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 Snow Plowing and Ice Control Services Everett, Bellevue and Seattle areas

 Chinook Services mission is to maintain safe winter environments for our customers by providing reliable, efficient, and responsive snow removal and ice control services for residential and commercial properties including: churches, bank branches, office complexes, condo/apartment properties, home owner associations, retail centers, schools, houses and many other property types.

Standard Services:

Standard service includes plowing of parking lots, access streets, and or driveways.  Each property is different and we can add additional areas such as loading ramp areas, development entryways/common roads, and court yards.  

Optional Services Available:

-Apply salt to surfaces after plowing

-Shoveling and de-icing of walkways, entry ways (foot traffic), and public sidewalks

-Heavy snow removal, including the removal and restacking of snow piles

Our services are customized to your needs.  We can set up automatic services based off the type, timing and intensity of each snow event.  We are always ready to respond to your requests.  During snow and ice events we are running 24 hours a day. We develop our routes and respond to weather events based on your operating hours and desired level of service.  

All-inclusive seasonal quotes are available, upon request.  Seasonal rates for both plowing and salting can be an effective way to control costs and budget for snow removal during the upcoming winter season. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we service individual residential properties?

Yes.  Depending on the size of your driveway we will either plow or use a snowblower to remove the bulk of the snow.  We shovel the walkway to the front door and shovel the snow away from the garage door areas on most house service calls.

Do you use rock salt on concrete or walkways?

No.  We use a special ice melt for concrete surfaces that will not cause damage.  We use salt on asphalt parking lots and roads only. 

How often should ice melt be applied to best avoid an accident that you may be liable for?

For commercial/residential properties with parking lots we recommend applying ice melt to all walking areas whenever tempertaures drop below freezing.  We can cover large areas efficiently with our ice melt spreading equipment.  Several of our customers have reoccurring ice melt service where we apply ice melt automatically when freezing from October to April. 

   Ice melt applied to side walk of common area of condominium association