Seattle Exterior Cleaning Services

Pressure washing concrete area, a worker uses a surface cleaner. Chinook Services provided this service near Seattle, WA

Top Rated Seattle Cleaning Services Firstly, Chinook Services has been Seattle Exterior cleaning in the Seattle area for over 20 years. Our team uses advanced techniques to ensure your property looks its best. In addition, we understand the unique challenges that Seattle weather presents. Therefore, we tailor our cleaning services to meet these specific needs.…

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How to Clean your Dryer Vent; Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning side by side dryer washer photo. Typical dryer that Chinook Services cleans.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent? Every year in the U.S., over 15,000 house fires are caused by clogged dryer vents. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent these fires. At Chinook Services, we recommend cleaning your dryer vent annually, or more often if you frequently use your dryer. Not only does this practice enhance safety, but…

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The Importance of Proper Gutter Cleaning: A Guide by Chinook Services

Gutter front cleaned by Chinook Services. Notice the clean gutter exterior AKA gutter front. This area shows build up rapidly.

Gutter Front Cleaning, Exterior Gutters Cleaned, Gutter Whitening, Gutter Brightening? I ask you, what is the proper term? Hello, my name is Jay Bjorn, and with over 25 years of professional cleaning experience, I aim to enlighten homeowners about the transformative power of a thorough cleaning. Transitioning from neglect to cleanliness is simpler than you…

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Heavy roof moss in Seattle? Contact Chinook Services

Heavy moss on Everett area roof. Image taken by Chinook Services employee prior to roof cleaning service near Seattle, WA

Heavy Moss on Your Seattle Area Roof? Be Careful! Be careful! The last thing you want to do is an aggressive cleaning. Why is this? If the moss is instantly removed from your Seattle area roof, there will be major damage to the top layer of the roof shingles. Most roofs in our area near…

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House Washing Service Seattle

House washing pressure washing service by Chinook Services Before photo of a typical house washing job for Chinook Services. This photo was taken on site near a Seattle, WA home.

The Benefits of House Washing Service in Seattle What is House Washing? House washing service is essential for maintaining the exterior surfaces of your home. As a homeowner in Seattle, Everett, or Bellevue, it’s important to understand the importance of regular house washing to keep your property looking its best. Introducing Chinook Services Hello Seattle,…

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Mastering Moss Roof Cleaning: The Key to a Moss-Free Property

Upclose image of roof moss near a Seattle area home. The purpose of this image is to provide detailed information from Chinook Services a local pro roof cleaner.

Moss roof cleaning is a crucial task for homeowners Especially in regions like Seattle, WA, where moss seems to thrive in the damp climate. As the owner of Chinook Services, situated in the heart of moss territory, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges that moss growth presents to property owners. Let’s explore the ins and outs…

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Understanding Surface Cleaners: Essential Tools for Homeowners and Commercial Maintenance Pros in Pressure Washing

Pressure washing tool surface cleaner under side with spray bar. Shown by Chinook Services a local pro near Seattle, WA

 Mastering Pressure Washing Tools: The Power of Surface Cleaners In the world of pressure washing tools, one standout accessory has revolutionized cleaning efficiency: surface cleaners. Over the past two decades, these tools have soared in popularity, offering both homeowners and professionals a faster, cleaner, and more effective way to tackle outdoor cleaning tasks. As the…

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Commercial Store Front Cleaning Seattle, Everett, Bellevue

Chinook Services service vehichle next to the job site of a grocery store. Facade was cleaned. Sidewalks cleaned. Storefront and entryway entrance cleaned.

Chinook Services in the Seattle Area Provides Comprehensive Commercial Storefront Cleaning Solutions Seattle Commercial Cleaning by Chinook Services Chinook Services takes pride in revitalizing local commercial storefronts throughout the Seattle area. Our dedicated team recently transformed a store facing heavy mildew and algae buildup, along with stubborn spider webs. Fortunately, we caught these signs early,…

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Commercial Building Washing Near Seattle, WA

Image of worker cleang commercial storefront facade near Seattle, WA. This customer wanted the storefront to look clean and Chinook made this happen.

Commercial Building Washing – Power Washing – Pressure Washing Before video of Chinook Services, a locally top rated building washing / cleaning service, cleaning exterior of building near Alderwood Mall. After video of commercial building washing Check out how the local company Chinook Service commercial building washes. They can make your building look new! Using…

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Commercial Pressure Washing Service Everett Seattle Bellevue

Chinook Services pressure washing in Seattle WA, Bellevue WA, Redmond WA, Issaquah WA, Sammamish WA, Snohomish WA, Lake Stevens WA

Commercial pressure washing services privided by Chinook Services Pressure Washing Your Store Front For a Sharp Look! Chinook Services, a local company located near Seattle, WA and Everett, WA.  Providing top rated exterior cleaning services for commercial and residential properties.  Using both truckmounted and portable pressure wash cleaning methods we can do it all!  No…

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