Discover the Flavorful Delights at Seattle’s Best Brew Pub: Big Time Brewery

Local business review. Discover Big Time Brewery

Welcome, folks! Jay Bjorn here from Chinook Services, and this month, we’re diving deep into the heart of Seattle to uncover the culinary gem known as “Seattle’s Best Brew Pub” – Big Time Brewery. Our monthly highlight tradition at Chinook Services aims to shine a spotlight on remarkable local businesses that capture the essence of our vibrant community. And when it comes to celebrating the rich history and flavors of Seattle, Big Time Brewery is an unrivaled destination. So, join me as we explore the delectable world of Big Time Brewery and discover why it’s our chosen star for this month’s spotlight.

Big Time Brewery, the Seattle best brew pub. If you’re wondering where to celebrate a thrilling University of Washington victory, look no further. As a die-hard Huskies fan with deep roots in the Seattle area, this place holds a special spot in my heart.

Growing up near Lakewood in Los Angeles, I eventually made my way back to Seattle, where my father had his roots. He attended UW and worked as a fuel delivery worker in the Skagit Valley fields to pay for his tuition. As a kid, I quickly caught the Husky fever, and my dad and I became season ticket holders for Husky basketball during the late ’90s and early 2000s.

My UW local connection

I have fond memories of playing basketball after a UW game, even having one-on-one matches with the legendary Napolean Kaufman. Meeting the iconic Don James, the Dog Father, was a highlight as well. With this Husky legacy in my blood, Big Time Brewery embodies the UW spirit like no other.

Jay Bjorn Founder of Chinook Services with The Dog Father, Coach Don James

Jay Bjorn of Chinook Services with The Dog Father, Coach Don James

Established in 1988, Big Time Brewery is Seattle’s original brew pub, capturing the essence of the university’s history. What sets it apart? Well, it’s family-friendly – a tradition I carry on by attending UW football games with my own family. Recently, my daughter and I had the privilege of attending a game during the unbeaten season led by Michael Penix Jr. – a season that rivals the Don James era.

What makes this place even more special is the personal touch of owner Rick McLaughlin. With a rotating selection of around 12 beers on tap, you’re always spoiled for choice. What truly stands out is the dedication they put into their brewing process – the beer truly speaks for itself.

Best Seattle Brew Pub and the Food is Top Notch

When it comes to food, Big Time Brewery reigns supreme in the UW area. Whether it’s pizza, burgers, or salads, their kitchen consistently delivers top-notch quality. My kids swear by their pizza, while my wife enjoys the salads and chicken wings. My dad and I usually share a pizza – a perfect post-game treat.

Here’s the cherry on top – Rick McLaughlin, the owner, is an incredible asset to the Seattle community. He introduced me to the Bridges Foundation, which supports teens in their journey to recovery. As a family man, I can’t stress enough how vital it is for our youth to have access to such resources. I had the privilege of attending a Bridges fundraiser with Rick a few months back, and the dedication to this cause is truly admirable.


Jay Bjorn founder of Chinook Services and daughter Gretchen, attending Huskies Football game

Jay Bjorn founder of Chinook Services and daughter Gretchen, attending Huskies Football game

Rick’s commitment to the community is inspiring, and I promise to share more about his remarkable contributions in a future post. For now, make Big Time Brewery your next Seattle discovery – it’s a few blocks away from the UW terminal near 43rd St., easily accessible via the light rail. Visit them at 4133 University Way Northeast, Seattle WA 98105, and experience the ultimate combination of great food, fantastic beer, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of Seattle’s best brew pub. Cheers to Big Time Brewery!

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