Everett Moss Removal: The Right Way to Protect Your Roof

Everett Moss Removal

Hello, Everett homeowners! Are you looking to get rid of moss on your roof without causing damage?  You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I, as a seasoned homeowner and contractor, will share the best approach for removing moss from roof surfaces, focusing especially on the Everett, WA area. The best Everett moss removal.

Moss on roofs is a common issue in Everett due to our climate. Many homes here, particularly those with asphalt shingled roofs (which cover about 80% of homes in our region), face this challenge.

Everett Moss Removal

50 year rated roof near Everett with heavy moss

Why Follow Manufacturer Guidelines for Moss Removal?

I strongly advocate for adhering to leading roof manufacturers’ recommendations for moss mitigation. Improper moss removal or roof cleaning may seem effective initially, but the close-up damage can be significant. That’s why I discovered this proven method for most asphalt shingled roofs.

Recommended Method by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, representing the major roof manufacturers, endorses this method as the safest way to clean moss from roofs. Many homeowners know these as composition or “comp roofing.” This method ensures moss removal without harming the roof surface.

The Danger of Physical Removal Everett Moss Removal

Moss roots itself into the roofing surface. If you brush it off, you risk damaging the roof. Brushing can pull off the granular top layer, which is the first defense of your roof. This compromises the roof’s integrity and accelerates granular loss.

Avoid Harsh Methods Everett Moss Removal

Avoid pressure washing, scraping, or using high-powered air to remove moss instantly. These methods can cause more harm than good, stripping away protective layers and shortening the roof’s lifespan.

Soft Wash: The Preferred Method

The best way to remove moss is to use a bleach solution, also known as a soft wash. Mix sodium hypochlorite (bleach) with water in a 50-50 ratio. When applying, wear protective gear and be cautious. Adding a bit of dish soap like Dawn can slow down the solution’s run-off, allowing more prolonged contact with the moss. Leave the solution on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing with a garden hose. Repeat if necessary.

Patience Is Key Everett Moss Removal

The moss should turn white and die off, dissolving over time. Nature will assist in this process, and within a couple of months, you should see a clean roof. Remember, moss takes years to grow, so patience is crucial.

Early Treatment and Professional Opinion

Treat moss as soon as you notice it. Heavier infestations will require more time to break down. In my experience, living in the Everett area where moss is prevalent, I’ve seen the damage caused by brushing or pressure washing. It’s vital to understand that killing the moss with a bleach solution prevents its rapid return and protects your roof’s lifespan.

In conclusion, understanding the right method for moss removal is crucial, especially in the Everett area. Avoid aggressive techniques that can harm your roof and choose a method that ensures longevity and protection.

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