Hiring a Cleaner without License, Bonding and Insurance credentials.

Make sure to undertand what you can be liable for when hiring a cleaner

Hiring a company or individual to clean your roof, gutters, windows or other services can be risky.  Especially when they are not protected with their own insurance.  This is a common issue in the Seattle area.

The State of Washington has many loopholes

These loopholes place homeowners and property owners at risk. When you call companies both large and small you never know who will perform the work.  Will they show up in a marked company vehicle?  Will they arrive clean and in uniform?  You may ask yourself, if something goes terribly wrong will I have to pay if someone gets hurt?  This is a real question and you must protect yourself by hiring a legitimate company that has “actual employees.”

Hiring a Cleaner can Put You at Risk

The company you call may be just be a lead generator.  This lead generator looks like all the others companies that are listed.  They provide estimates and communicate the same as the other companies.  The BIG DIFFFERENCE are the people who come to do the work.  These people are not employees.  They are subcontractors and typically do not represent the original company you hired.  These subcontractors often are not insured, bonded or even licensed.  They do not follow OSHA or most safety laws.  This creates a large liability to the homeowner or property owner.  If the worker falls off your roof who will pay for the damages?  People have lost their houses over this mistake.  Others have had to pay several thousand dollars or even millions to pay for damages.

At Chinook Services our employees are protected by Washington state L and I insurance.  We carry our own liability insurance.  We are fully licensed and bonded.  Our employees arrive in a marked company vehicle, are uniformed and are ready to please.

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Safety First

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