Keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris

This time of the year is it very important to keep your roof and gutters clear of debris. Water can flow where it shouldn’t. This can lead to significant damage. Every year this creates millions of dollars in property damage to Washington State property owners. In some situations, the damage is only noticeable until it is already too late. The best gutter is a clean gutter that is ready for our winter and spring rain. Chinook is offering $35.00 off roof and gutter service currently for existing customers!

Beware of gutter cover scams! Every year we remove gutter covers that are not functioning. 95% of houses will not benefit from gutter covers. A wide open and clean gutter is your best option. There is no gutter cover, filter and or sponge that will last over time. Even the best gutter systems in which come with a built-in gutter cover system fail. Why do these gutter cover systems fail?

  1. Failure is algae and moss growth underneath the cover. Think about it. Once you cover a gutter you are eliminating any sunlight or air movement to the inside portions of the gutter opening/system. This creates the perfect environment for rapid algae and moss growth. Depending on the environment after a few years or more the system will fail.
  2. Failure is the cover creates a water fall during heavy rain created from the restriction of the cover. We often receive heavy, heavy rain fall. A wide-open gutter system that is clean and clear can struggle with heavy rain fall AS IS. Adding a gutter cover will only restrict this water more from entering the system resulting in what looks like a waterfall forming on your gutter line. This will erode your soils in your garden beds. It will splatter soils on your siding. And it can place water near your home’s foundation leading to even larger problems.
  3. Failure Is the removal of gutter covers to access them for cleaning and maintenance. Some gutter covers snap in place while others are fastened in with screws to the existing gutter openings. Either way it takes a lot of time to remove and hopefully the covers go back in as they were installed after cleaning. At some point post gutter cover installation you will have to clean the inside covered portions. Some companies offer lifetime warranties or guarantees that you will never have to clean your gutters. The fine print makes the warranty and or guarantee not valid in most all situations in the favor of the installer/dealer. We have seen these companies leave their customers with no options. *The one exception for gutter covers is for buildings with metal roofs to prevent snow damage. Most quality gutter installation companies will offer a gutter cover for metal roof installations. This prevents the snow from loading up in the gutter. We recommend a 6K or 6-inch-wide gutter for this type of installation. The most common gutter is a 5k or 5-inch gutters.