Seattle Commercial Cleaning: Excellence by Chinook Services

Over Two Decades of Stellar Exterior Cleaning Near Seattle

Welcome to Chinook Services, where we’ve been mastering the art of commercial exterior cleaning for over 20 years. From our early days pressure washing for the University of Washington and the iconic Bigermaster chain, we’ve grown and evolved, maintaining our commitment to quality and efficiency.

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Award-Winning Cleaning for Major Grocery Chains Near Seattle

Recently, we’ve been honored to clean all 110 large box store locations for one of Washington’s largest grocery chains. This mammoth task involved hot water pressure washing storefronts, garden centers, fuel stations, and loading areas. Our approach? Utilizing two-ton service trucks with trailers, we bring our water supply to ensure swift and uninterrupted service. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Seattle can be a hot mess.  This is why Chinook Services is the best, and most top rated cleaner around with over 2,100 online reviews.

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Pressure Washing Commercial Storefront Seattle

Not Your Ordinary Seattle Pressure Washers

Our equipment isn’t what you’ll find at a local hardware store. We use high-capacity, hot water machines that require more water than an average faucet can provide. Why? Because using heat in pressure washing can clean areas up to three times faster and with noticeably cleaner results.

Window Cleaning

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Seattle Roof and Window Cleaning: A Step Above

When it comes to roof cleaning, efficiency and safety are paramount. We use methods that effectively clean without damaging your roof. And for commercial window cleaning, our team is equipped with lifts and special equipment to tackle any challenge.

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Eco-Friendly: Reclaim Hot Water Extraction in Seattle

We’re not just about cleaning; we’re about preserving the environment. Our reclaim hot water extraction service ensures that runoff is captured and does not pollute waterways.

Serving a Wide Range of Seattle Properties

Chinook Services caters to hospitals, schools, government properties, homeowner associations, apartment complexes, business parks, and more, covering a wide expanse of Washington State.

No Subcontracting: Ensuring Quality and Safety

With Chinook, rest assured that every crew member on your property is a trained, dedicated employee. This avoids the liability and potential litigation risks associated with subcontracting.

Understanding Our Seattle Exterior Cleaning Method

Our building or house washing methods are designed to protect your property. We use bleach and other solutions for a soft wash approach, reserving high pressure for concrete surfaces only. This method prevents damage to window seals, gutters, and other sensitive areas. Plus, our use of bleach ensures that moss and algae are completely eradicated, preventing their unintended spread.

Cleaning Service Roof Gutter Window Pressure Washing

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Choose Chinook: Smart Solutions for Your Seattle area Commercial Property

By hiring Chinook Services, you’re choosing a team that values smart, efficient cleaning methods. We don’t just clean; we eliminate the root of the problem by using chemistry to kill 100% of living spores before they can spread. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart.

At Chinook Services, we’re committed to providing top-notch commercial cleaning services across Seattle and beyond. Interested in learning more or scheduling a service? Visit us at Let us show you the Chinook difference – smart, efficient, and thorough cleaning tailored to your commercial needs.

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Given these points, choose Chinook Services for quality and affordable cleaning in the Seattle area from Arlington to West Seattle.  Also serving the Eastside with over 2100 5 star reviews.

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