The Inspiring Story of Jay Bjorn: Embracing the Seattle Lifestyle

Chinook Servies and Jay Bjorn. Why The Seattle area?

A Journey of Discovery and Entrepreneurship

Jay Bjorn, the entrepreneurial spirit behind Chinook Services, embodies what it means to make the most out of life in Seattle, Washington. First and foremost, allow me to introduce Jay Bjorn. He’s not just a successful business owner but also a devoted family man with a lovely wife, Kendra, and two children, Gretchen, 11, and William, 6. For Jay, understanding and utilizing what Seattle has to offer is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Unearthing Seattle’s Hidden Gems

Moreover, Jay’s journey is a testament to the rich experiences awaiting those who look beyond the city’s urban sprawl. Despite Seattle’s reputation for being crowded, Jay’s adventures reveal a world of open spaces and untapped potential. He recalls a pivotal moment in his late 20s, flying back from Florida, when a delayed landing led to an unexpected aerial tour of the Puget Sound. This experience sparked a realization in Jay: the expansive waters and the beauty of the San Juans were calling for exploration.

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From Childhood Memories to Passionate Pursuits

Additionally, Jay’s connection to the Seattle area runs deep, rooted in childhood memories of fishing and swimming in Mukilteo. These recollections, reignited during that serendipitous flight, fueled his desire to delve deeper into the wonders of the Puget Sound. Subsequently, this led him to boating, a passion that transformed his perception of the region’s offerings.

Tuna Fever: A Sustainable Fishing Venture

Transitioning from fond memories to sustainable practices, Jay discovered the thriving Albiecore Tuna, also known as the long fin Tuna, off Washington’s coast. This revelation was a game-changer, shifting his focus from the overfished Salmon to the abundant and delicious Tuna. With a newfound respect for the ocean’s bounty, Jay committed to bringing home only the most sustainable and healthy seafood for his family and friends.

Fishing Jay Bjorn Chinook Services Seattle

Fishing off shore for Tuna Seattle WA

Jay Bjorn Chinook Services Image Woods

Yodelin, Stevens Pass WA

Fishing for Tuna: A Life-Changing Experience

In addition, Jay’s adventures off the Washington coast have not only been about fishing but also about community and discovery. The warm, life-filled waters of Ilwaco and Westport offer more than just Tuna; they reveal a side of Seattle’s natural environment that few know exists. From encountering giant Blue Fin Tuna to experiencing the convergence of tropical and native marine life, these experiences keep Jay anchored in the Seattle area.

Embracing Seattle’s Weather with Open Arms

Lastly, while many associate Seattle with rain, Jay has a different perspective. For him, the rainy days signal exciting times in the nearby mountains, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. His love story with his wife, kindled at Stevens Pass, and fond memories of building a structure in the Yodelin area, are just a few examples of how Jay turns the Seattle weather into an opportunity for joy and adventure.