The Real Deal with Gutter Guards: Practical Insights for Homeowners

Dear Greater Seattle Area Homeowners,

If you’re considering the installation of gutter covers / guards, also known as gutter covers, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. Let’s delve into some essential factors you should keep in mind regarding Seattle gutter cover issues.

Promises vs. Reality:

  • While some companies tout gutter guards as a “set it and forget it” solution, our experience suggests otherwise. We’ve encountered situations where gutter covers had to be removed to address drainage issues. In some cases, promised lifetime guarantees fell short of expectations.

Understanding Your Roof’s Needs:

  • When gutters are initially installed, they’re meticulously sized to accommodate your roof’s dimensions. However, the addition of covers can impede their drainage capacity. Even with clean covers, heavy rainfall can lead to overflow due to restricted water flow caused by the mesh or screen.

Lifespan of Gutter Covers:

  • Typically, Seattle gutter covers have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years. Eventually, they’ll require removal. While reinstallation is an option, we often recommend removal for more effective results. We’ve encountered cases where gutter covers became heavily covered in moss and algae within the warranty period, with limited remedies available.

Remember, regular upkeep and maintenance of open gutters are often the most reliable way to keep water away from your home. Though it may entail a bit more effort, it can save you from future headaches. Many companies in the Seattle gutter cover industry claim that your gutters will never need cleaning again. Please take this advice to heart, as we’ve been providing gutter cleaning services in the Seattle, Everett, and Bellevue areas for over two decades.

Warm regards,

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