Why you should hire a pressure washing service now instead of waiting.

Seattle Pressure Washing Information

Let’s face it, it is getting close to that time of the year. Spring is not that far away, and Seattle pressure washing is calling. The moss and green algae is starting to show itself again. It is easier said than done to pull the old pressure washer out of the shed and spend the hours and hours it takes to clean your surfaces. This task is an easy one to procrastinate with.

The longer you wait the more the algae and moss will grow and become more of a job later. Many homeowners and commercial property owners fail to recognize the importance of regular maintenance when it comes to ground surface cleaning. Some owners, and only a few from our experience do not mind a green driveway. These are rare people, and most will agree that moss and algae make surfaces look dirty. Therefore, it is best to pressure wash every year and to also use a disinfectant to keep the algae/moss regrowth minimal.

I strongly recommend using a product that will kill the algae spores post pressure washing during Seattle Pressure Washing

Liquid bleach is a great disinfectant. You must apply it when it is dry, so no chemicals enter the stormwater system and in accordance with any local rules or ordinances. The microscopic challenge to pressure washing is that it does not completely remove all the microscopic spores from concrete 100%. This results in rapid algae regrowth. Using a disinfectant can prolong your results significantly. Several videos on how to use this method are available online.

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