Your One-Stop Solution for Home Cleaning: The Maids of Kirkland & Chinook Services

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Welcome to our blog! Today, we’re excited to talk about how The Maids of Kirkland and Chinook Services work together to provide you with a comprehensive home cleaning experience. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch house cleaning services paired seamlessly with expert window and carpet cleaning solutions.

Why Choose Us?

When you think of home cleaning, you want a service that covers every corner of your home. That’s where we come in! The Maids of Kirkland specializes in detailed house cleaning, ensuring your living spaces are spotless and inviting. Chinook Services, our sister division, complements this by focusing on those hard-to-clean areas like windows and carpets. Together, we provide a complete cleaning package.

Our Services Explained

  • House Cleaning by The Maids of Kirkland: Our team focuses on making your home shine. From the kitchen to the bathroom and living areas, we cover:
    • Sink and hardware cleaning
    • Appliance exteriors
    • Counters, floors, and windows
    • Dust and vacuum furniture
    • And much more! ​​
  • Exterior Cleaning by Chinook Services: We take care of the outside, ensuring your windows sparkle and your carpets look as good as new. Our services include:
    • Professional window cleaning
    • Deep carpet cleaning
    • Exterior surface cleaning

Our Combined Approach

Choosing our combined services means you’re opting for convenience and quality. Imagine getting your interior cleaned by The Maids of Kirkland and, at the same time, having Chinook Services take care of the exterior. It’s efficient, effective, and easy!

Customer Testimonials

Carrie E. “We have been more than happy with The Maids. We have used their services for close to 20 years now. That pretty much says it all.”

Dewayne S. “We have had used the services of The Maids for many years. We have always been pleased with the friendly and thoroughness of the cleaning staff.
The Maids office staff has been very responsive to questions and have been flexible when situations have arisen which required a rescheduling of a cleaning appointment.
We highly recommend The Maids for your cleaning needs.”

Annemarie M. “The maids are a welcome team to enter our home. They always do an excellent job providing first class cleaning services.”


Why Trust Us?

  • Experience and Reputation: We have a long history of satisfied customers and high-quality service.
  • Family-Owned and Operated: The Bjorn family is at the heart of our business, ensuring personal care and attention to every client.
  • One-Stop Shop: Our combined services make us a unique provider in the Kirkland area for complete home cleaning solutions.


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Special Offers and Promotions

10% off when you combine both services

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Thank you for considering The Maids of Kirkland and Chinook Services for your home cleaning needs. We look forward to providing you with a clean, comfortable, and inviting home.