Transparent Carpet Cleaning Pricing: The Chinook Services Promise

The Reality of Carpet Cleaning Deals: Beware of the Fine Print

At Chinook Services, we take pride in offering transparent, honest pricing for our carpet cleaning services. But beware! If you’re hunting for the lowest price in the market, you might fall into a trap. Imagine seeing a deal like “Whole House Carpet Cleaning for $99.00” – it sounds great, but it’s often laced with hidden conditions. These deals can lead to uncomfortable upselling scenarios in your home, where the worker feels pressured to increase the price to earn a decent wage.

Chinook’s Promise: Consistent and Fair Carpet Cleaning Pricing

We want to make it crystal clear: Chinook Services stands against these deceptive practices. Unlike many companies, we rarely change our prices. Our standard price list is stable, and our technicians are never encouraged to hike up the price. We believe in honest pricing paired with honest, hard work.

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Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Method: Why It Matters

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the method used is paramount. At Chinook, we typically use truck-mounted carpet cleaning, widely recognized as the most effective approach. This method includes:

  • Pre-vacuuming
  • Shifting movable furniture
  • Hot water extraction
  • Spotting
  • Grooming the carpet fibers for a perfect finish

Why is this comprehensive approach so important? If any of these steps are skipped, it’s not a full service. Yet, many companies charge extra for these essential steps, while we at Chinook consider them standard.

The Carpet Cleaning Upsell Trap: Don’t Get Caught

Why do some companies take advantage of carpet cleaning pricing? It’s a strategy to get their foot in the door and then upsell. You might opt for a lower initial price, but end up paying more for a complete service. With Chinook, the price you see is the price for a complete, thorough cleaning – no last-minute changes or negotiations.

A Cautionary Carpet Cleaning Tale

Have you heard about homeowners calling for carpet cleaning, only to end up with a company that does a mere vacuuming? This highlights why the method, and understanding what you’re paying for, is crucial. You need hot water extraction with truck-mounted equipment for a thorough clean, and now, informed by this article, you’ll likely prefer set pricing over negotiating during the service.

Check Out Our Carpet Cleaning Video and Price List

For a real-life glimpse into our services, watch our attached video showing Chinook Services performing truck-mounted carpet cleaning in Seattle, Washington, at a fixed cost per area. Don’t forget to check out our price list as well!

Seattle area Carpet Cleaning Price List:

  • Hallway $40.00
  • XL room $110.00 (over 400 sqft)
  • Large room $75.00 (200-400 sqft)
  • Small room $60.00 (up to 200 sqft)
  • XS room $40.00  (bathroom, closet, etc)
  • One Flight of Stairs $78.00 (up to 14 stairs)

What is included in carpet cleaning service?

  • Pre vacuum of areas to clean
  • Furniture moved to be cleaned, including small end tables, couches, chairs etc.  Large furniture, for example beds, computer desks will not be moved, however we can cut in underneath.
  • Truck mounted hot water extraction process
  • Spot removal
  • Optional pet treatment and spotting
  • Carpet raking/ grooming of cleaned carpet fibers so they dry in the up right position, for that restored look!

Visit our carpet cleaning information page here

Seattle area Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

Carpet cleaning everett, lake stevens, snohomish

  • Standard sofa/couch (7 foot) $140
  • Love Seat (5 foot) $95
  • Living room chair $35
  • Recliner $65
  • Sectional sofa/couch $200
  • Ottoman $40
  • Dining chair (seat only) $10
  • Dining chair (seat & back) $15
  • Mattress-king $100
  • Mattress-queen $90
  • Mattress-twin or double $35

Additional upholstery cleaning information page.

In summary, Chinook Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. For your safety, our technicians are background checked, experienced, and trained. In conclusion, Chinook has become a reputable top provider in the area and continues to run as a family business with over 25 years of experience. Contact us today!

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