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Chinook Services is your premier carpet cleaning provider in Kenmore and the surrounding areas. Choose our local expertise for exceptional carpet cleaning results! Contact us today at (425) 290-8635 or visit our website to schedule your service. Experience the best in dryer vent care with Chinook Services!

Chinook Services Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

  1. Carefully shift dryer to disconnect vent (furniture sliders used to protect floor).
  2. Clean dryer vent using specialty HEPA vacuum and roto brush.
  3. Disconnect vent
  4. Check exterior vent for proper air flow while dryer is running after cleaning is performed.
  5. Clean surfaces behind dryer (the areas you never see)
  6. Reconnect vent (minor repair of ducting included).
  7. Place dryer back in original position
  8. Test dryer for air flow

In summary, Chinook Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. For your safety, our technicians are background checked, experienced, and trained. In conclusion, Chinook has become a reputable top provider in the Kenmore area and continues to run as a family business with over 25 years of experience. Contact us today!

Does Chinook Clean All Dryer Vents?

Chinook cleans side by side units, the most common type. (image below) If you are unsure on the type of dryer you have please feel free to contact our office: (425)290-8635

Dryer Vent Cleaning side by side dryer washer photo

*Chinook does not clean stacked units due to safety concerns at this time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Stackable Unite

*Photo of stacked dryer and washer unit

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Given these points, choose Chinook Services for quality and affordable dryer vent cleaning in the Kenmore, WA area. Contact Chinook carpet cleaning, call 425-290-8635, email, or get a fast online quote.

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Did you know that Chinook Services provides other five star services? It is common for our customers to have these services done the same day! Amazing, right! Chinook Services also offers roof cleaninggutter cleaning, and pressure washing services.

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We Offer Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Services In Combination Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

At Chinook Services, we offer a unique advantage by providing carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning all from the same truck. This approach allows us to deliver exceptional value and convenience. Additionally, when you combine these services, we provide a substantial discount, enhancing the overall value for you. Transitioning seamlessly between tasks, our skilled technicians can tackle more of your cleaning needs in a single visit. This not only clears your to-do list faster but also saves you time and money. Discover the benefits of a comprehensive cleaning solution by choosing Chinook Services, your go-to for both interior and exterior cleaning needs.

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Exploring Kenmore's Rich History: From Mill Town to Thriving Residential Community

Kenmore, Washington, nestled at the northern tip of Lake Washington, boasts a dynamic history that mirrors its growth into a vibrant suburban community. Officially incorporated in 1998, Kenmore is relatively young as a city but has a history that stretches back to the early 20th century when it was first platted in 1901. The city's name originates from Kenmore, Scotland, reflecting the Scottish heritage of one of the early settlers.

Kenmore, WA: A Century of Transformation from Industrial Hub to Scenic Suburb

Initially, Kenmore was a hub for industrial activity, particularly known for its shingle mills and later for sand and gravel extraction which utilized the convenient waterway access provided by the lake and the Sammamish River. These industries dominated the local economy for decades, shaping the community's character as a hardworking, industrious town. As the industrial era waned, Kenmore gradually shifted towards a residential focus, attracting families and individuals drawn by its scenic beauty and proximity to major urban centers like Seattle and Bellevue.

Kenmore's Evolution: A Journey from Industrial Beginnings to a Sustainable Future

The transformation of Kenmore into a suburban enclave accelerated with the development of infrastructure such as the Bothell Way, which improved connectivity and encouraged residential growth. The city's commitment to maintaining green spaces and supporting recreational activities can be seen in its well-maintained parks and public spaces, making it an attractive place for outdoor enthusiasts. Kenmore's identity as a community-oriented city continues to evolve, with efforts focused on enhancing public amenities and fostering a sustainable environment that respects its rich historical heritage. This approach has made Kenmore not just a place to live, but a destination to enjoy a quality of life that respects both its past and its future.

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With more than 2000 "5 star" or "A" rated reviews on Angie’s List, Google Reviews, Yelp, and The Better Business Bureau, Chinook’s commercial and residential cleaners offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! When you schedule a service know that you are in good hands!

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