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Since our start in 2001, Chinook Roof Cleaning has become an essential part of the nearby Lynnwood community. We specialize in top-quality roof care, and our reputation for outstanding moss removal service is well-known.

Importance of Roof Maintenance

Lynnwood's changing weather, especially the frequent rain and wind, makes it crucial to take care of your roof. Therefore, our services go beyond making your roof look good; they help extend its life and prevent damage.  Surprisingly it is easy to avoid roof cleaning.  Chinook has made this task a simple and easy process.

Roof Blowing

Roof Blowing Service

Our Wide Range of Roof Cleaning Services

Moreover, we clean the whole area, not just the roof. After Chinook cleans your roof, we ensure that the surrounding areas are spotless, leaving your entire property looking great.

We also put a lot of emphasis on safety. Our team follows strict Lynnwood safety rules to make sure everyone is safe during the roof cleaning process and your property is well cared for. In general, the best jobsite has a safety plan from the start.

Our Customers Speak for Us

Additionally, our customers vouch for our quality work. We have worked on many different homes, and our customers have always been happy with the results.

Our Promise of Quality

Importantly, Chinook Roof Cleaning in Lynnwood is all about high-quality work. We stick to the highest standards in every job. Chinook services offers before and after photos upon request.

The Chinook Roof Cleaning Approach

Choosing Chinook means you're choosing a reliable roof cleaning service. As Lynnwood locals, we understand your specific roofing needs and tackle them effectively.

Tips on Roof Care

We also provide helpful tips for Lynnwood homeowners on roof maintenance. As an example, we have helped hundreds of homeowners with maintenance plans.

Ready to Answer Your Roof Cleaning Questions

Chinook is here to answer any questions. With this in mind please consider Chinook Services is only a call or a click away.  By the same token, after service our crews will go over the results with you.

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Roof Cleaning FAQs

never brush moss from asphalt shingles

Lots of companies make money by brushing roofs and returning for more moss cleaning jobs. However, we believe your roof deserves better care. That's why you won't see Chinook Services using roof brushing in Lynnwood. Instead, we've created our gentle soft wash moss service with a 5-year warranty because your roof deserves special attention, and you've come to the right place with Chinook.

Why no brush moss roof cleaning

Roof cleaners aggressively brushing moss from Seattle area roof. Workers have no fall protection, this is exactly what you want to avoid.

You should NEVER brush off live moss from your roof

The top layer of the roof has tiny granules that will come loose when you brush. Live moss won't be killed by brushing; instead, it will spread all over your property, including your lawn, garden beds, decks, and walkways. On a smaller scale, brushing moss can be worse than doing nothing because it scatters tiny spores everywhere, turning you into a moss farmer unintentionally.  Learn more here on why it is best to use a soft wash solution like Chinook uses, that includes a 5 year no new moss warranty!

It's pretty simple. Chinook always follows the rules from top roof producers when it comes to getting rid of moss on your roof. We want to be clear: these roof producers say you should NEVER use a brush to clean moss because it will cancel your warranty and shorten your roof's life by a lot. Why does this matter? Well, think about it. A typical Lynnwood roof costs about $15,000. So, it's smart to stick to the rules and make sure your roof lasts as long as it's supposed to, like 20, 25, 30, or even 50 years, just as it was meant to.

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Testimonials Lynnwood

Understanding Moss Science and Its Impact on Roof Cleaning

Upclose image of roof moss near a Seattle area home. The purpose of this image is to provide detailed information from Chinook Services a local pro roof cleaner.

Upclose photo of thriving and alive roof moss on Lynnwood, WA area roof

Firstly, moss consists of tiny plants that thrive in damp, shaded environments, often forming dense mats on surfaces like roofs. Scientifically, mosses lack roots and absorb water and nutrients directly through their leaves. This capability allows moss to retain moisture, creating a persistent, wet layer on your roof. Consequently, this moisture can seep into the roofing material, causing decay and structural damage over time. At Chinook Services, we understand the science behind moss growth. Therefore, our Lynnwood roof cleaning moss removal techniques target these microscopic layers. We use specialized treatments to disrupt the moss's ability to retain moisture and attach to the roof surface. By addressing the problem at this fundamental level, we ensure a more effective and long-lasting clean. This scientific approach not only removes existing moss but also prevents future growth, protecting your roof's integrity.

Expert Lynnwood Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

First of all, we use advanced techniques for Lynnwood roof cleaning moss removal. Our team ensures every inch of your roof is spotless. Because we value quality, we use the best tools. Therefore, your roof stays clean longer. Ultimately, you will see the difference in our work.

Protect Your Home with Lynnwood Roof Cleaning Moss Services

Next, we focus on protecting your home with our Lynnwood roof cleaning moss services. Moss can damage your roof if left unchecked. Consequently, we remove all moss to prevent damage. Our methods keep your roof in top condition. As a result, your home remains safe and sound.

Eco-Friendly Lynnwood Roof Cleaning Moss Solutions

Furthermore, we prioritize the environment with our Lynnwood roof cleaning moss solutions. Our eco-friendly products ensure no harm to your home or nature. We use green methods for moss removal. Thus, you can trust us to care for your roof and the planet. In the end, everyone benefits.

Reliable and Professional Lynnwood Roof Cleaning Moss Removal

Additionally, our team is reliable and professional in Lynnwood roof cleaning moss removal. We arrive on time, every time. Our crew wears uniforms and drives marked vehicles. This way, you always know who is at your home. Finally, you can count on us for dependable service.

Affordable Lynnwood Roof Cleaning Moss Services

Moreover, we offer affordable Lynnwood roof cleaning moss services. We use online mapping for precise estimates. This method ensures cost-effective solutions. You get top-quality service without breaking the bank. Therefore, choosing us means saving money and getting a clean roof.



Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

With more than 1,800 "5 star" or "A" rated reviews on Angie’s List, Google Reviews, Yelp, and The Better Business Bureau, Chinook’s commercial and residential cleaners offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! When you schedule a service know that you are in good hands!

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